Susan Bingham   - most points in Domestic Section –           Helen Panter

Oliver Cup          - most points in Preserves Section –          Sue Faull

Spencer Cup       -  best exhibit in Fruit Section –                  Sue Faull
Hudson Cup       - most points in Fruit Section –                  Stuart Watson

Spiller Cup     - Best exhibit in Vegetable Section –               Ann Cragg

JW Bingham Cup – Most points in vegetable section –        Gary Tyson

Smith Cup          - most points in Floral Art Section –           Elsie Bingham

Arnold Maw Plate  - most points in Blooms Section –         Jean Bates

Slater Cup          - most points in Children’s Section (Key Stage 1) –    Callum Holdom

Parish Cup        - most points in Children’s section ( Key Stage 2) –      Alice Bingham                                                                                                             Henry Bingham

Photography Cup – most points in Photography section –               Daniel Cullen

Junior Photography Cup – most points in photography section -    Elsie Bingham

John Cope Memorial Cup – most points in Junior Domestic section –   Elsie Bingham

The Drury Trophy  – most points in handicraft section –     Mary Hutchinson

Stephenson Cup – most points for a child in the handicraft section –     Alice Bingham

Art Cup                  - most points in Art Section –                            Stuart Watson

Aggregate Cup     - Adult –      Gary Tyson

Aggregate Cup    - Child –       Elsie Bingham

Runner up            - Adult –       Helgi Gudmundsson

Runner up            - Child –      Alice Bingham