Joan Wilkins in Zambia

After an amazing experience in September 2013 a chance to hear my audio diaries.
Thank you to all who helped raise funds for the schools I visited.

The start of an adventure The first day in Zambia and initial reactions
Day 2 Children with razor blades in the classroom !
Day 3 A better day but already tired ! Much happier
Day 4 A new school.
Kinne School - Day 1 Monday 16th September at Kinne School. Unsupervised children and a lack of discipline.
Kinne School - Day 2

Teachers - They could do much do better!
A visit to "Fountain of youth

Another day at school Much better day and the children much more responsive
Kumbaya School The wonderful Dorothy
Saturday Getting hotter by the day
Tests and results. A shortage of handouts
More from Kumbaya School Last day at school but not teaching because of a chest infection
Church and farm A lie in before a church service


If you enjoyed listening to my diaries or would like any more information about my visit, please contact me via the website