Description of Aims:

The parish council is the most local level of government after the principal authorities at County and District level.  Parish Councils have an overall responsibility for the well-being of the local community.  The work falls into three main categories:

Representing the local community
Delivering services to meet local needs
Striving to improve quality of life in the parish

Willingham Parish Council is made up of 7 elected councillors, who meet 10 times a year to make decisions on the work and direction of the council.  As elected bodies, parish councils are responsible to the people they represent – that is, our local community. 

Each year a sum of money called a ‘precept’ is collected through your council tax.  This money, in addition to any income generated through cemetery fees and rental of the parish fields, or through grants, is used by your Parish Council to cover necessary administration costs but more importantly to try and improve facilities and services for local people. 

The best way to find out what your Parish Council does is by attending a meeting.  Contact the Clerk for details of when the next one takes place.

Group Willingham Parish Council
Contact details:  Lisa Brooks-Sleight, Clerk to the Parish Council
Telephone   01427 788440
Email willinghambystow.pc@sky.com
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