Willingham by Stow Women’s Institute was started in 1934 and has had an unbroken history ever since. We meet on the first Thursday in each month at Willingham Village Hall at 7.30pm. The President is Angela Borman and the Secretary is Margaret Wood.  I list below a brief outline of the themes we intend to follow in the coming year 2016 as well as some of the highlights from 2015.

What a year 2015 was, the centenary year of the WI movement and this was celebrated world wide with many activities and exhibitions. Some of Willingham members attended a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, others went to the Centenary AGM at the Albert Hall and many more attended the Centenary event held in Harrogate.  Birthday teas and tree planting were Willingham’s contribution to the festivities, we also planted daffodil bulbs at our meeting place.

We start 2016 in April with a talk on Lincs Willow Weaving, we will be following this up with a visit to the growing fields and workshops of Lincs Willow later in the year.  In May we have our Resolution meeting when we decide which resolution we wish to support for the coming year.  We will also be exploring the opportunity for some members to have 5 minutes each to relate their own stories, experiences and lives, to encourage those who may be shy to overcome their demons and share themselves with friends.  How well do we really know the people we meet with each month, I can guarantee some surprises are in store…………………….

In June we are taking our first venture into the world of Tai Chi with a talk and then participation in this challenging and exciting discipline. I have no doubt that by the end of the evening we will all be taking part and thoroughly enjoying the experience.  July will see us exploring and learning about Lincolnshire Superstitions and maybe even adding some of our own.  These long-held beliefs have their roots in history and often leave traces in our modern day lives.

August will see us making our first visit of the year when we will be visiting Lincolnshire Willow Works at Beckingham to follow up on our April meeting experience and then in September we will be learning about wild foraging, mushrooms and other fungi from local man Mike Houghton. 

Halloween will be the theme for October and will include ghost stories, and other ghoulish delights, closely followed by November’s talk on the business world of Siemens and the beneficial impact that having their works close by has on the local population.  Christmas will feature widely in our December meeting with hands-on Christmas Cracker making tuition.  Other offerings will include line-dancing, faith suppers and a visit to Willingham by Stow based brewery Grafters Brewery.  What’s not to like???  Varied, fun and interesting. Come along and join in.

We have a facebook page that will give more details month by month and pictures and comments from events that have gone by.  We also have an email willinghambystowwi@gmail.com for queries, comments and ideas.



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Secretary Margaret Wood
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