Horticultural Society Show Results

The Horticultural Show 2019

The Cup Winners - 2019

Susan Bingham Cup
Most points in Domestic Section
George Bingham

Oliver Cup
Most points in Preserves Section
Sue Faull

Spencer Cup
Best exhibit in Fruit Section
Lindsay Vernon

Hudson Cup
Most points in Fruit Section
Sue Faull

Spiller Cup
Best exhibit in Vegetable Section
Ray Didcock

JW Bingham Cup
Most points in vegetable section
Ray Didcock

Smith Cup
Most points in Floral Art Section
Elsie Bingham

Arnold Maw Plate
Most points in Blooms Section
Judith Tudberry

Slater Cup
Most points in Children’s Section (Key Stage 1)
Drake Woolley

Parish Cup
Most points in Children’s section ( Key Stage 2)
Niamh Jenkins

Photography Cup
Most points in Photography section
David Bingham

Junior Photography Cup
Most points in photography section
Elsie Bingham

John Cope Memorial Cup
Most points in Junior Domestic section
Elsie Bingham

The Drury Trophy
Most points in handicraft section
Mary Hutchinson

Stephenson Cup
Most points for a child in the handicraft section
Elsie Bingham

Art Cup
Most points in Art Section
Stuart Watson

Aggregate Cup
Judith Tudberry

Runner up
Sue Faull

Aggregate Cup
Elsie Bingham

Runner up
Alice Bingham

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Willingham by Stow, Lincolnshire
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