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Willingham by Stow, which was mentioned in the Domesday book, is six miles south of Gainsborough and twelve miles north of Lincoln. It has always been a mainly arable farming community with twenty farmers working the land in the late 19th century compared with just a handful now. St.Helen's church dates from the 11th century with registers that document events as far back as 1562 . The Methodist Chapel on High Street (No longer a place of worship) was built in 1885. There have been many business's in the village over the years but now there are two pubs, The Half Moon and The Fox and Hounds, plus the Howson Care Centre which is situated on Marton Lane. Lord Hawke was born in Willingham Rectory (1860).
The main organisations and most often used webpages are listed to your left. For all other sections of the Willingham by Stow website please look at "Site Content" at the bottom of this page. There are dozens of pages of information and space available for you to advertise and promote your services.

Willingham’s History
Download the Millennium booklet - a history of our village
Documents including the 1780 enclosures, Post Office directory of 1876 and
A personal account of the day that war broke out by John Hawkins

One For The Road – a play by Willie Russell
This wickedly observant comedy by the author of Shirley Valentine and Educating Rita finds Dennis on the eve of his birthday, making a last ditch attempt to break away from the confines of his middle-class, housing estate existence. Eddie Panter and Ray Didcock would like to put on this play but are in need of two women to complete the cast. If you have ever harboured the urge to have a go at acting, now is your chance! No date has been set but the aim is for sometime March 2023 and funds raised will benefit the village hall. For more details, please contact Eddie at thepanters1988@btinternet.com or Ray rayjax7@live.co.uk

I am now collecting again for the food bank.
Lesley Kirk 788730
More details -

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Video and picture from Josh Swales

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The new times for the post office at Stow Church
Tuesday 1.30-3.30
Thursday 9.30-12.30

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Details of recent planning applications / decisions that have been, or are being considered by Willingham Parish Council, can be found HERE

Willingham by Stow, Lincolnshire
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