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Willingham by Stow, which was mentioned in the Domesday book, is six miles south of Gainsborough and twelve miles north of Lincoln. It has always been a mainly arable farming community with twenty farmers working the land in the late 19th century compared with just a handful now. St.Helen's church dates from the 11th century with registers that document events as far back as 1562 . The Methodist Chapel on High Street (No longer a place of worship) was built in 1885. There have been many business's in the village over the years but now there are two pubs, The Half Moon and The Fox and Hounds, plus the Howson Care Centre which is situated on Marton Lane. Lord Hawke was born in Willingham Rectory (1860).

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Our friends from Moyenneville, France and Postrelmov, Czech Republic will be in the village from Friday July 19th to Monday July 22nd. I'm sure you will make them all welcome. If you'd like to become involved, contact our Willingham Twinning Association Chairman - Dave Bussey and find out more about what a weekend of "Twinning" involves.
Contact details HERE

What is a typical twinning weekend like

Willingham Horticultural Show

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Henry Bates, the Junior Aggregate Cup Winner

The report, prize winners and photos -

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More information - HERE

Try a village service or handy person before you look elsewhere. Check out the "Village Directory" - LOOK HERE
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Willingham’s History
Download the Millennium booklet - a history of our village.
Documents including the 1780 enclosures, Post Office directory of 1876 and
A personal account of the day that war broke out by John Hawkins
Visit the village history page

The new times for the post office
at Stow Church
Monday 09.30 - 12.30
Tuesday 1.30-4.30
Thursday 9.30-12.30
(Correct at time of publication)

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Details of recent planning applications / decisions that have been, or are being considered in the Stow Ward can be found HERE

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Willingham by Stow, Lincolnshire
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